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Amit Mirhai

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Land and Building Solutions | Broker Profile: Amit Mirhai

AMIT MIRHAI is a seasoned real estate broker with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Having an early start, since the age of 19, Amit benefited from the vast knowledge and experience of veteran real estate agents, developers and other professionals who he worked with. Motivated by his first land sale in 1998, Mr. Mirhai went on to specialize in commercial real estate and built a solid network of corporate clients. He later advanced his studies in Real Estate Brokerage at the UWI School of Business and Applied Studies where he was able to complement his experience with technical knowledge in real estate law, valuations, brokerage and property management.

For Amit, real estate is more than an opportunity to make a sale. It is the culmination of his passions which include interacting with people, finding creative solutions and seeing property developments come to life. Amit played an instrumental role in developing several properties from greenfield land sites into fully operational retail outlets, shopping malls, supermarket chains, office buildings, warehouse complexes and various residential developments throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

Amit also has a long record of successfully brokering properties transactions for both local and multinational corporate clients as well as individual property owners. His specific areas of expertise include space utilization, design, transaction management and advisory services. Mr. Mirhaiā€™s passion for real estate has transferred over into his personal life where he voluntarily works to maintain and improve the infrastructure within the communities that he resides and operates in.

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