My Bunch of Keys

RBL Mortgage Expo


RBL Mortgage Expo

Republic Bank & My Bunch of Keys Mortgage Expo

Republic Bank Limited will be hosting a mortgage expo in October 2023. This event will allow agents to showcase their listings to specially invites clients of the bank.

Republic Bank Limited will assess and finalise its limited invitation list for the event based on the following form.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the Real Estate Agents/Brokers that submit this form are required to have their “Marketing Paraphernalia” to assist with the professional presentation of their company and listings.

NOTE: Agencies MUST have a good online / social media / marketing presence on various platforms as well as be able to have marketing items for their physical presence at the event eg. Banners/Feather Flags/Laptops/Brochures etc.

Submission Deadline: Sunday 17th September.

Entries are now closed. Thanks again for your interest in this event.