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South Homes Real Estate Ltd.

37 Years in the making

The Founder

In 1980 - 37 years ago - Suzette Garanito and a friend, Karin, took a leap of faith and started a Real Estate Agency that was run from her kitchen counter. Their main tools were a telephone and the ads they would run in the daily newspapers. With the support of her husband David, Suzette nurtured her business and with her hard work, dedication and keen business mind she was able to grow a well known and respected agency. Her name became synonymous with real estate in San Fernando and she gained a loyal and extensive clientele. After moving to Port-of-Spain in 2006 she and David did a weekly commute to San Fernando to service her Southern clients and to keep the business running. In January 2016 - age, exhaustion, traffic and the changing real estate landscape that was brought on by the surge in the use of technology - led to Suzette’s search for an able bodied replacement to continue her legacy.

The Rookie

In January 2016, Zoë Hart was in search of a job in San Fernando after 3 years of commuting into Port-of Spain for work. As a 26 year old newly wed, Zoë took the risk and left her beloved job to search for an opportunity closer to home. Zoë knew Suzette from childhood trips to Tobago, but little did she know that this lady who was merely an acquaintance would change her life forever. A mutual friend/family member suggested that the two meet to discuss the possibility of Zoë training with Suzette to assist with the work load, while Suzette contemplated her next move...and the stars aligned. With the support of her mother, who had a 15 year background in real estate, and her patient husband, Zoë began her journey as a Real Estate Agent. She was lucky to have guidance from the best in the business and the opportunity to build a solid foundation with an awesome portfolio of listings and clients.

The Future: South Homes Real Estate Limited

In January 2017 Zoë officially took charge of the South branch and registered the company South Homes Real Estate Limited. Suzette is actively on board and operating in Port-of-Spain. The company is slowly growing and developing with the combination of technology, social media and a raw youthful hunger to achieve. For now the main focuses are - growing meaningful relationships with each client, satisfying their personal needs, delivering a high quality of professional service, networking with other agents and maintaining a speedy product turnover. The sky’s the limit for this reborn company.

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