My Bunch of Keys

Christian de Meillac

After 10 years of working in Real estate in prime central London, Christian is thrilled to be back at Terra Caribbean in 2020, where he started his property career over 16 years ago. Based in Mayfair and focused on property in central London, Christian worked with Harrods Estates for 5 years selling some of London’s most expensive properties. Harrods is one of the worlds most recognized brands synonymous with premium service. Christian also spent 5 years at Knight Frank, the world’s largest privately owned property firm, where he worked on sales across the Caribbean closely associated with our Terra Barbados team as well as sales in Spain and Portugal.

Christian returns to the team with a wealth of knowledge; he achieved a post graduate certificate in real property appraisals from the University of British Columbia giving him an in depth knowledge of property values, income analysis and best use scenarios which prove invaluable in property sales.

He also brings a bit of fun and excitement to the team with an effervescent, easygoing attitude. To him, “Property is more fun in the sun!” When asked about a memorable showing, Christian reminisces, “My strangest property experience was the buyer who insisted on trying out the bathtub in the house we were viewing in Mayfair - thank goodness he kept his clothes on!”

Other than spending time with his family, Christian loves golf, goat rotis and has a keen interest in architecture.

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